Friday, 31 January 2014

Arvind Kejriwal releases list of India's most corrupt MPs,politicians

Arvind Kejriwal on Friday released list of 'India's most corrupt', including union ministers and leaders from all parties, and urged his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) members to treat the national election as a "revolution" to cleanse politics.
Confrontation between Arvind Kejriwal and Congress will increase after the release of India's most corrupt list of politicians  that includes  the names of politicians from Congress, BJP and their allies.
List includes...
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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Apple sold record 51m iPhones, 26m iPads in First Quarter Results 2014.

Apple has just announced its Q1 2014 results with record iPhone sales touching 51 million units and iPad sales clocking at 26 million units and 4.8 million Macs. This is the best ever quarter Apple has had but it is far below analyst expectations of around 56 million iPhones. The stock is down 5 percent at the time of filing the story. Apple posted record quarterly revenue of $57.6 billion and quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion.
Apple is providing the following guidance for its fiscal 2014 second quarter:
  • revenue between $42 billion and $44 billion
  • gross margin between 37 percent and 38 percent
  • operating expenses between $4.3 billion and $4.4 billion
  • other income/(expense) of $200 million
  • tax rate of 26.2 percent
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IPL 2014 Auctions and Schedule

Player auctions for IPL 2014 will take place on 12th and 13th February in Bangalore, and 233 capped players have been listed for the event.
A total of 31 players have been put under the maximum of Rs. 2 crore base price.
Pinal Shah has been named in the capped list of players. However, this is an error on the part of IPL officials as he hasn’t been selected in the Indian squad so far. His name is expected to be included in the list of uncapped Indian players, which is expected to be released soon.
The Indian Premier League, or as some would like to address it as the Cricket Carnival is back in the subcontinent and is in tremendous flow with a lot of new exciting surprises keeping viewers hooked to their TV sets.
There was much ado about the Pepsico IPL 2013 schedule before the start of the event with critics complaining about too much of cricket being played which can fatigue players in the long run. The short version of the game has added a lot of color to cricket itself especially after the involvement of Bollywood superstars in the event. The Pepsi IPL fixture was declared back in the month of January after the auction held at Bangalore.

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Congress retired hurt

In the futuristic planning processes currently unfolding in the Congress, politics does not seem to concern the now and the present.
Barring some concessions to the election season, such as the alliance in the process of being stitched up with the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) in Bihar, the top leadership’s diffidence has sent despondent signals down the line in the run up to the polls, where the principal opposition party has mounted an all-cylinders-blazing campaign.
Party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s sincerity in effecting “radical, long-term” structural changes is matched only by the stoicism with which the old guard is maintaining status quo.
In a meeting with representatives of the SC/ST/OBC communities on December 13, Rahul had declared: “Congress cannot be functioning in the same manner. Processes need to be blown apart and we need to transform the way the Congress has been functioning. I know people dislike me for it but I don’t care.”
Contrast this claim with the most critical structure in an election year i.e. the screening committee for candidate selection, which has shown no signs of restructuring.
The screening committee of the Congress still includes the AICC general secretary in charge of a particular state, an observer from the AICC, the president of the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) and leader of the Congress Legislature Party.

And while suggestions to the effect of fielding 50 per cent of the Lok Sabha candidates below the age of 35 years had been floated at an AICC meeting on January 17, the screening committees have so far received no broad directions for candidate selection.
Team Rahul Gandhi wants to ‘democratise’ the candidate selection and the screening committees will soon get ‘guidelines’ on the process.
Sources in the Rahul camp claim the age-old system of leaders of various camps recommending names for party tickets will be stopped.
But the reality is that, as opposed to Rahul pitching for younger candidates, the party fielded octogenarian Motilal Vohra and septuagenarians Murli Deora and Viplove Thakur for the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections.
“We do not expect many seats. We would be happy if at least 10 per cent seats were given to Congress workers who are less than 40,” said a Youth Congress functionary.
At the same time, the urgency and hunger for victory are replaced by various experiments to overhaul the organisation.
While the BJP has closed ranks and announced “winnability” as the only criterion for candidate selection in every seat, Rahul has announced that in at least 15 Lok Sabha seats across the country, candidates will be decided through a referendum. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Michael Schumacher remains in coma

Michael Schumacher remains in an induced coma in hospital - one month after a skiing accident that left the F1 legend fighting for his life.
The seven-time world champion has been receiving round the clock care since December 29 when he struck his head on a rock while skiing off-piste in the French Alps.
His condition officially remains "critical but stable" and no date has been announced on when he is likely to be taken out of the coma. But some experts fear Schumacher could be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. Wife Corinna, 44, and children Gina Marie,16, and son Mick, 14, remain by the 45-year-old's bedside and thanked fans for their support on his official website earlier this month.

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CM Punk Quits WWE, WWE Universe wants him back

There is huge breaking news in the WWE, as it has been reported by various outlets that CM Punk has quit the organization for real.
The news comes after an inconspicuous absence from Raw this past Monday (Jan. 27), and it seems this is not a work from Punk and the WWE. Per (via Wrestling Observer, and PWInsider), this appears to be a legitimate decision from Punk, after he reportedly told Vince McMahon he was "going home"
If Punk has left the company, then it leaves a huge hole in the plans for WrestleMania 30. It also means the company is without one of their biggest draws, as Punk is a guy who can always get the crowd going.
There will be doubt, however, as to whether this is a serious storyline emerging from the company. There is no word on the official WWE site over Punk's decision to quit yet—but memories of a 2011 storyline he was involved with are immediately coming to the surface.
Punk told the WWE he was leaving with the WWE Championship after his contract expired at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, and he returned a few weeks later with the belt—proving it all to be a work.

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End of the iPod?

Is this the end of the iPod?
The audio devices were ground-breaking back in 2001, bringing some sleek style to the technology market.
But 12 years on, and the iPod looks to be going in the same direction as the Walkman, with Apple reporting a sales decline of 52%.
But Apple claims smart phone technology has caused a major downturn in iPod sales.

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Google Glass now framed for prescriptions

The top-requested Google Glass improvement is now a reality, as Google unveils its plan for prescription Google Glass frames.
Available Monday at the Google Glass Web site, prescription frames for the Internet-enabled headset cost $225, in addition to the $1,500 entry fee to the Explorer program. Google is adding four titanium frame styles -- Bold, Curve, Thin, and Split -- and two new tinted shade styles -- Classic and Edge -- to the mix. The tinted shades will cost $150.

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Why 'Google buses' are in news

What? Google is getting into buses?
Don't be daft. Why would Google want to manufacture buses?
The same reason why it bought thermostat and wind turbine makers.
Buying Nest Labs and Makani Power were strategic decisions.
Just thought that Google was diversifying. anyway what is this bus business?

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